Considerations for Foreclosing Mezzanine Lenders – Part 2

Here, we continue our discussion of considerations for foreclosing mezzanine lenders. Type of Foreclosure In preparing to exercise remedies under the mezzanine loan documents, a lender first must determine which type of enforcement action best suits the circumstances. Mortgage vs. mezzanine foreclosure Lenders holding both mortgage and mezzanine loans on the same property will need […]

Considerations for Foreclosing Mezzanine Lenders – Part 1

During the real estate boom of the 90s and early 2000s mezzanine lending became a commonplace source of capital for developers and other sponsors. Now, as the economic downturn continues and real estate values continue to fall, more and more mezzanine lenders are finding themselves with defaulted loans. In this series, we will examine five […]