Our Philosophy

ColumnsNastasi Law Group was founded by John Nastasi upon the belief that the cost of legal services had begun to exceed clients’ willingness to pay and that an opportunity existed to provide high quality legal services at a lower cost to clients. By assembling a team of sophisticated attorneys with big law firm training and by focusing on reducing overhead and maximizing efficiency through technology and innovation, Nastasi Law Group provides expertise and sophistication to clients looking to reduce their legal costs.

Nastasi Law Group is dedicated to providing the best possible service to its clients, efficiently, and at reasonable rates.  The firm achieves this goal by following these guiding principals:

1. Staying lean and staying focused.

The singular focus of the firm is to build the best real estate law practice possible. By maintaining a lean team of experienced real estate attorneys and by aligning with like-minded practitioners in related practice areas, the firm is able to operate efficiently and to serve the particular needs of its clients with skill and expediency.

In doing so, Nastasi Law Group avoids becoming saddled with the expense of subpar attorneys and underperforming practice areas and can maintain rates that provide a superior value to its clients.

2. Fostering a culture of efficiency and client service.

Nastasi Law Group values efficiency and client service above all else. Profitability is secondary. By providing a uniquely valuable service to clients, efficiently, and in a manner that reduces the number of billable hours needed to achieve results — and by focusing on creating solutions rather than identifying issues — the success of the firm follows from the satisfaction of its clients.

Removing the emphasis from maximizing billable hours results in satisfied clients who see the value the firm provides and attorneys who are rewarded for extraordinary client service, not just logging in the most hours.

3. Leveraging technology and being innovative.

Nastasi Law Group is not a partnership. Partnerships can be inefficient and can stifle innovation. The firm utilizes an innovative organizational management structure less like a law firm and more like a small business, so that decision-making is more efficient, and positive change is possible.

The firm has adopted the latest technology to streamline operations and improve productivity. Cutting edge, cloud-based practice management software and a simplified document management platform allow our attorneys to collaborate seamlessly and to work more efficiently.